✨ Now with Unicode 13 & Genders! (Recent Changes: +47kb / +0.39%!) ✨

Type your search in the top box, and related emojis or characters will appear in the bottom box.

For the best results, don't use plural words, punctuation, etc.

Plural words might be necessary sometimes. For example "cards".
If you're confused, try typing "cat" in the top box and pressing [Enter].
You may also have to scroll sideways on the box to see all results.

Try These:
🐛 Insect 🐛    🐶 Dog 🐶    ⭐ Star ⭐    🎌 Flag 🎌
❗ Long ❗    🍋 Fruit 🍋    ⛄ Snow ⛄

Brought to you by R74N.

No, this doesn't have every unicode character. Yes, it has every emoji. Yes, it has ZWJ sequences.
It's not really a "search" in the sense of a search engine. It's more like every character is assigned keywords that you can type!