Object Identifiers

An Object Identifier (OID) is a unique number that identifies anything!

It looks like this:

The owner of 1.3.6 can assign numbers to its children to mean anything. is the ID for the Internet! is the OID for R74n. You can learn more in our guidelines document.

We are giving out OIDs per request! Yours would look like this:

  1. Contact us, either through email (contact@R74n.com) or another way.
  2. Once we reply with your OID, create a document somewhere containing your children IDs and any other info, like ours.

That's it? Yes!!

You can identify your projects, yourself, your friends.. really anything you'd like!

Below is a list of the main arcs. The rest can be found in that guidelines document or on OIDplus.

OID ArcPurpose, to identify R74n projects and concepts R74n Needs Wikibase, for compatibility, for compatibility database compatibility Unions Ranges Wikibase property Wikibase lexeme, subrepository hidden for privacy, for testing only, for explanation only

Some more OIDs we are in control of:

OID ArcSuperior RA
2.25.268538275572115285380101426435393060980ISO/ITU-T UUID
1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554.51718.38706.30732.4590.47458.0.116Microsoft UUID 64-bit UUID 32-bit UUID 16-bit UUID

Other OIDs of interest:

OIDDefinition OID Registration Authority