If necessary, R74n has a standard procedure for generating Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) to represent projects.

We use UUIDv5, which requires a namespace and a seed string. You can use an online tool like this one.

Official R74n Namespace UUID: ca069732-780c-11ee-b962-000000000074

For the seed string, also called name, you must use a lowercase standard Multiletter Alpha Namespace. If none are applicable, a custom one can be used like this: x-anythinghere

For example, when you use sandboxels, it should generate: 948d248f-fd72-59b1-bae0-dba9c046da9b

There are countless UUIDs, but below is a list of samples.

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Extra UUIDs outside the R74n Namespace:

ns:URL (v5)30f26a7b-c3f7-557e-a0fd-37ae650cd194https://r74n.com/
ns:DNS (v5)0132d690-97eb-5108-976f-8d19beb5a530r74n.com
ns:OID (v5)f5278121-088f-5930-bd99-1cd091e1a81f1.
ns:OID (v5)27223fa9-c3c7-5318-a81f-77943f88f1061.
ns:OID (v5)9bccfd3f-3b9b-56a6-8b56-53f0e7f7b2e91.
ns:OID (v5)52c35d54-f07a-5343-b3be-8bce92af58501.
ns:X500 (v5)e7ef73de-fe24-5d60-8546-3fad881c31f0/c=us/o=R74n