Privacy Policy

Last updated September 7, 2023. Archive.

For the most part, R74n does not collect information directly, except for information entered into external forms, such as in the Commons, or data collected by the services listed below.

On a majority of our websites, including, but not limited to, the main site (, Sandboxels (, and the Copy Paste Dump (, we use Google Analytics to see trends in user behavior and personalized Google AdSense ads to make a profit. For more information about Google's privacy practices which you may also be subject to, see Google Privacy & Terms.

We only use data collected by those services to improve our own websites, and not to personally identify anybody in particular.

There are no user accounts on our websites at this time, and we are not storing any user data on our own servers.

Explore with Rue may direct users off-site, in which they will be subject to that website's privacy policy.

For any concerns, please email or submit anonymous feedback.