Universal Feedback System

The Universal Feedback System, or UFBS, is the hub for submitting feedback for any R74n project.

It is made entirely with Google Drive products, including Google Forms linked to Sheets, and is entirely free to set up and use.

All responses to feedback forms are public, but no user data is collected.

This project is part of the R74n Commons.

Project Links

Main Website (Responses)
Rue, Styling, Commons, Time Machine, Search, and other general parts of R74n.com
Sandboxels (Responses)
Copy Paste Dump
Infinite Chef (Responses)
Hello in Every Way (Responses)
Unit Converter (Responses)
R74moji (Responses)
Words and Definitions (Responses)
UniSearch (Responses)
Mix-Up! (Responses)
PixelFlags (Responses)
R74n Icons (Responses)

Miscellaneous Links

Response Sheet
Feedback for different projects can be viewed with the tabs below the sheet
Simpler webpage
Feedback Form Template
Feedback Responses Template
Secure Line
Identifier Request Form

Outside Links

There are many other feedback systems that are not part of the UFBS.

R74n Wikibase
Social Media Lists
Discord Server Feedback (Invite - Join First)
More Socials

You can also leave public reviews on services such as Google.