2020 Word List

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coronavirus, Coronavirus, CoronaVirus, corona virus - specifically the COVID-19 coronavirus corona, rona, the rona, roni, rone - COVID-19 coronavirus, shortened Coronavirus-19 - coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) CoV, CoVi - coronavirus COVID - coronavirus disease COVID-19, COVID19, COVID—19 - Coronavirus Disease 2019 Lady Rona, Miss Rona, Aunt Rona, la rona - COVID-19, personified nCoV - novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV - 2019 Novel Coronavirus novel coronavirus - COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV2 - Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; virus that causes COVID-19 Abenomask - tiny facemask named after Shinzō Abe and Abenomics Ad5-nCoV - CanSino COVID-19 vaccine; Adenovirus type 5 - Novel Coronavirus anthropause - the slowing down of human activity anti-mask - against wearing facemasks anti-masker, maskhole, rat-licker - someone who refuses to wear a facemask during a pandemic BCV - before coronavirus Before Times - the times before the COVID-19 pandemic BNT162b2; BNT162 - Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine boomer remover - COVID-19 ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 - Oxford COVID-19 vaccine; Chimpanzee Adenovirus-vectored Oxford 1 Chinese Virus, China Virus, Kung Flu, Wuhan Virus, Wuhanvirus, Wu Flu, Wuhan Coronavirus, Wuhan Pneumonia, Flu Manchu - derogatory term for COVID-19 contactless - without contact contactless delivery - delivery without physical contact, usually involves leaving in front of door cornteen, 🌽teen - quarantine corona belly - overweight during COVID-19 quarantine corona bond - stimulus check during the COVID-19 pandemic corona news - news about COVID-19 coronacation - vacation caused by COVID-19 coronacoaster - emotional experience, or rollercoaster, during the COVID-19 pandemic coronacrisis - COVID-19 pandemic coronacut - a bad haircut during the COVID-19 pandemic coronaphobe - someone that fears COVID-19 coronaphobia, coronoia - fear of COVID-19 coronapiste - temporary bike path made to decongest areas during the COVID-19 pandemic coronapocalypse, coronageddon - COVID-19 pandemic coronarita, coronita - style of margarita popular during the COVID-19 pandemic coronaspiracy theories - conspiracy theories about COVID-19 coronatime, coronatimes - COVID-19 pandemic CoronaVac - Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine; Coronavirus Vaccine coronials, quaranteens, coronababies - babies conceived during COVID-19 quarantine COVAXIN - India's COVID-19 vaccine COVID party, corona party, coronavirus party, COVID-19 party, lock-down party - a party with the intention of getting sick with COVID-19 COVID time - the slow passage of time during COVID-19 quarantine COVID toes - MIS-C; symptom of COVID-19, red/purple/blue lesions on toes COVID-10, COVID-15 - gaining of weight during COVID-19 quarantine COVIDian - relating to COVID-19 COVIDiot, moronavirus - someone who doesn't take COVID-19 safety precautions covidivorce - divorce during COVID-19 quarantine elbow bump, elbow shake, elbow tap - alternative to a handshake; two people bumping elbows in greeting hand sanny, sanny - hand sanitizer HCQ - hydroxychloroquine; antimalarial drug infodemic - the spread of misinformation during a pandemic intensivist - a physician that specializes in intensive care patients invisible enemy - COVID-19 virus iso - isolation; quarantine iso-baking - trying to bake during COVID-19 isolation lab leak - an escape of a virus or other unwanted thing from a laboratory where it was being held long-hauler - a COVID-19 patient suffering longer than usual maskne, mascne, mask acne - acne resulting from wearing a face mask microdose - a very low dose MIS-C - multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children mRNA-1273 - Moderna COVID-19 vaccine; Messenger Ribonucleic Acid 1273 NCP - novel coronavirus pneumonia Ostrich Alliance - group of countries whose leaders have downplayed COVID-19 panny - pandemic plandemic - a planned pandemic pod - a closed group of people that meets during a pandemic postcoronavirus, postcorona, postcovid, postcovid-19 - after the COVID-19 pandemic PPE - personal protective equipment precoronavirus, precorona, precovid, precovid-19 - before the COVID-19 pandemic quar - quarantine quaranteam - group of people you choose to socialize with during quarantine quaranteen - a teenager in quarantine quarantime - the unusual passing of time during quarantine quarantine and chill - quarantine relaxing with a romantic partner quarantini - style of martini popular during the COVID-19 pandemic scamdemic - a pandemic hoax self-isolate - to isolate oneself from other people self-isolation, self-iso - isolating of oneself from other people shelter in place - sheltering in the building one is currently in social distancing, physical distancing - staying 6ft apart from one another Sputnik V - Gamaleya COVID-19 vaccine the three Cs, 三つの密 - avoid closed spaces, crowds, and close contact Trump Virus - COVID-19, used to bring light to Donald Trump's mishandling of the pandemic twindemic - two pandemics happening simultaneously vaxxie - selfie of someone receiving a vaccine walktail - drinking an alcoholic beverage while on a walk WFH - working from home 👑🦠 - coronavirus

Black Lives Matter

BLMer - a Black Lives Matter supporter or protester BHAZ - Black House Autonomous Zone; self-declared autonomous zone in Washington, D.C. CHAZ, CHOP - Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or Occupied Protest; self-declared autonomous zone in Capitol Hill, Seattle say her name - phrase in support of black female police brutality victims I can't breathe - phrase said by George Floyd before his death, commonly chanted


Bidencare - healthcare plan of Joe Biden Bidenesque - similar to Joe Biden Bidenism - any phrase commonly said by Joe Biden Bidenite - a Joe Biden supporter Bidenomics - the economic policies of Joe Biden cancel culture - trend of boycotting people or things copium - fictional drug of coping Cuomosexual - the sexual attraction to Andrew Cuomo Obamagate - alleged attempt by Barack Obama to sabotage Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign October surprise - something politically important that happens before Election day Sardine - member of the Italian Sardines movement second gentleman - the husband or male partner of a vice president Sharpiegate - controversy where Donald Trump showed a modified map that falsely said Alabama would be hit by Hurricane Dorian Sleepy Joe - nickname for Joe Biden coined by Donald Trump wokefish - pretending to be in favor of progressive ideologies to deceive someone Woketopia - society in which people are becoming increasingly more "woke" Woketopian - resident or follower of Woketopia; of or relating to Woketopia


crewsona - a fan-made Among Us crewmate persona or character crown - a win in Fall Guys DTtwt, Dreamteam Twitter, Dream Twitter - Twitter community focused on Dream Fall Guy - a character in Fall Guys MCYT - Minecraft Youtubers MCYTtwt - Twitter community focused on Minecraft Youtubers third impostering, third impostoring - to inadvertently help an imposter win an Among Us game while being a crewmate vent, venting - to use an air vent to hide or travel

Other 2020 Definitions

autonowashing - misrepresenting the amount of autonomy a machine has bardcore, tavernwave - aesthetic consisting of medieval remakes of pop songs bruh girl - a girl that says "bruh" and/or finds more value in her humor than her appearance cluttercore - aesthetic consisting of embracing one's clutter cottagecore - aesthetic that returns to traditional skills and crafts Dolly Parton challenge - sharing how you present yourself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder doomscrolling, doomsurfing - scrolling down a social media feed seeing nothing but disasters and sadness Femboy Friday - meme holiday every Friday celebrating femboys Femboy Hooters, Goth iHop, Tomboy Outback, Milf Denny's - fictional themed spinoff meme restaurant with dressed employees Fleet, Fleets, fleet, fleets - a story post that disappears after 24 hours on Twitter; to post a Fleet glizzy gladiator, glizzy gobbler - someone who consumes glizzies, or hot dogs Greater Adria - paleo-microcontinent in the Neo-Tethys Ocean Hatetok - a type of sub-community on TikTok that expresses disinterest in a person or thing hiiii girl, 🥺 girl - a girl that embraces traditional feminine traits KAM - Kill All Men KAM2020 - Kill All Men 2020 Karen - an entitled or racist middle-aged woman Megxit - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepping back as senior members of the British royal family murder hornet - Asian giant hornet NERDS - Node.js, Express.js, React, and Databases using SQL neumorphism - UI characterized by soft, easy on the eyes design nussy - nose having a test swab used on it being enjoyed sexually ok boomer - phrase used to dismiss an old person race lift - changing a character's race to reduce inherent racism simjacking - convincing a mobile provider to transfer some else's phone number to another SIM simp - someone who overvalues another person, typically a man towards a woman simping - overvaluing a woman and doing anything for her sturddlefish - crossbred fish between a Russian sturgeon and an American paddlefish tech bro - masculine man in the tech industry The Hype House - specific group of TikTok personalities, or the house they live in virtual happy hour - happy hour in the form of a virtual meeting WAP - Wet Ass Pussy; song by Cardi B, also now used literally xenobot - living organisms designed by computers to perform tasks Zoom - video conference service a Zoom - an instance of a meeting on Zoom Zoom fatigue - the exhaustion induced by too many Zoom calls Zoom mom - moms who are frequently on Zoom calls Zoom town - an area that has increasing real estate buyers due to more people being able to work remotely Zoombombing, Zoom-bombing - interrupting random Zoom calls Zooming - being present in a Zoom call Zoomwear - clothes worn during a Zoom meeting zumping - breaking up with a significant other over a Zoom call