2021 Word List

This will be updated throughout the year of 2021, or 2020 2 as I like to call it.

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awoman, awomen, a-woman - alternate form of amen cheug - one that is cheugy cheugy - out-of-date, typically 2010s-esque; tries too hard to be cool Gaetzgate - alleged trafficking of a minor over state borders by Florida representative Matt Gaetz megacycle - a 10 hour work shift Retrumplican - a Republican supporter of Donald Trump Shadowprez - conspiracy theory alleging Donald Trump is still in control of the U.S. behind the scenes

COVID-19 & Vaccines

B.1.1.248 - more severe Brazilian variant of SARS-CoV-2 Fauci ouchie - a vaccine for COVID-19, named after U.S. chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci Long COVID - symptoms persisting significantly longer than usual after contracting COVID-19 Modern Mami, Moderna Gang, Team Moderna - people who have received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer Princess, Pfizer Gang, Team Pfizer - people who have received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine vaccine chaser - a person who waits in lines in hopes of receiving leftover COVID-19 vaccinations at the end of the day vaccine diplomacy - the use of a vaccine by a nation to gain a diplomatic advantage vaccine passport - a proof of vaccination that allows someone to travel or enter a building vaccine shopping - the desire to only be vaccinated with a certain vaccine that one considers superior vaxhole - a person who brags about receiving their COVID-19 vaccines


reality shifter - someone who reality shifts reality shifting - the moving of one’s consciousness from their current reality to an alternative, desired reality supergay, superlesbian - the sexual attraction to the same gender, only sometimes excluding transgender individuals superphobe - a person with a hatred towards super straight people superphobia - the hatred of super straight people superphobic - showing hatred towards super straight people super straight, superstraight - the sexual attraction to the opposite gender, excluding transgender individuals trollge - depiction of troll face without smiling trollge incident - an unfortunate event