TikTok Slang List

Table of Contents

Types of People

bruh girl - a girl that says "bruh" and/or finds more value in her humor than her appearance eboy, e-boy - stereotypical attractive boy on the internet (i.e. skates, fluffy hair, nail polish, beanies) egirl, e-girl - an umbrella term for attractive women on the internet, typically depicted as wearing black clothes and pink blush (can be an insult) granola girl - hippie girl, loves the planet and nature Heather - beautiful, desirable person hiiii girl, 🥺 girl - a girl that embraces traditional feminine traits Karen - someone entitled who gets angry at inconsequential things Kyle - an aggressive and impulsive male teen soft girl - a girl with a cutesy, feminine look VSCO girl - stereotypical girl that sometimes wears scrunchies, Crocs, uses Hydroflasks, etc

Other TikTok Definitions

and that's on _ - reinforcing an idea bet - okay, agreement body roll - a dance where you move your body in a wavy fashion bread - money, or something good in general cap - a lie, exaggeration, or sarcasm CEO of _ - the best at something _ check - checking how many people are described clap cheeks - to have sex clout - online popularity clout chaser - someone who does things for attention or popularity clown, 🤡 - a fool clowned on - to be made a fool clowning - to make a fool cottagecore - aesthetic that returns to traditional skills and crafts couple goals - a relationship that someone aspires to have cringy - exhibiting cringe day 1, day one - a fresh start dm - direct message duet - a TikTok that features another TikTok side-by-side dummy thicc - very thicc (see thicc) extra - excessive facts, fax, 📠 - factual, truthful fake - disingenuous fam - close friends, sometimes family fire - very good fit - outfit, clothing flex - a brag, show-off flexing - bragging, showing off fomo - fear of missing out fr - for real fyp, for you page - front page of TikTok that is tuned to your interests glizzy - hotdog glizzy gladiatior - someone that consumes hotdogs glow up, glow-up - to better in appearance goals - something that someone aspires to be or have Hatetok - a type of sub-community on TikTok that expresses disinterest in a person or thing high-key, high key - obvious, obviously hits different - is very good, better than other comparable things hitting the woah, hit the woah - a dance where you cross your fists diagonally and move your arm down in a swinging circle motion Hype House - a specific house consisting of TikTok personalities I'm baby - helpless, needy, shy I'm dead - metaphorically died from laughter iconic - highly influential or unique it's the _ for me - something unbearable, frequently self-deprecating king - someone highly respected L - a loss or failure living in mind rent-free - something that is hard to stop thinking about low-key, low key - subtle, not obvious main character - someone in the spotlight me - relatable mood - relatable no cap - honest, serious no you, no u - deflection of negative or positive things ok boomer - dismissing old people, not always baby boomers periodt - period, strong emphasis pick me girl - a girl who acts different from "other girls" for validation from guys pov - a video from the point of view of someone or something pressed - angry or upset for no good reason pull up - hang out put onto something - to inform someone of a belief quaking - shaking in fear receipts - proof, typically screenshots say less - say no more shade - trash talking shook - surprised or speechless simp - someone who overvalues another person, typically a man towards a woman simping - overvaluing a woman and doing anything for her sksksk - a common laughing keysmash slaps - is very good slide into dms - to direct message someone unannounced, usually romantically snacc - very attractive person snatched, wig snatched - shocked sound - an audio clip on TikTok that goes over videos spam account - an account to upload memes and other miscellaneous content to spoopy - spooky squad - a group of friends stan - fan, originally stalker fan, obsessive fan storytime - a video sharing a moment from someone's life sus - suspicious, sometimes gay tea - drama or gossip the hype - the feeling of everyone thinking you are great thicc - thick, usually referring to a big butt or thighs thirst trap - a deliberately sexually enticing image or video thirsty - desperate for sexual or romantic activity throwing it back, throw it back - a dance where you shake your butt TikTok house, content house - a house in which multiple TikTok personalities reside for collaboration transition - a smooth scene cut in a video trauma porn - TikTok trend pretending to be victims of different traumatic events uncomfy - uncomfortable vibe - an atmosphere or mood someone or something gives off vibe check - catching someone off guard vibing, vibin' - living care-free in the moment W - a win woke - aware and outspoken on the social and political climate yeet - throw hard 😭 - crying laughing, or actual crying 🥺 - pleading, sometimes simp 👉👈 - shy, cute ✍️ - taking notes 💀 - dead from laughing 👁👄👁 - funny face for emphasis 🤺 - funny pose for emphasis, or mocking 🎣 - fishing for compliments 🎂 - cake, big butt ⚰️ - dead from laughing ⌛ - hourglass body shape ✨_✨ - emphasis