Tone Indicator List

What's a Tone Indicator?

Tone indicators, or tone tags, are bits of text added to the end of a statement to clarify the mood or intent of the author.

They are used to help avoid misunderstandings where tone isn't usually implied, such as in text messages or online forums. They are also used to help neurodivergent people, such as people with autism, understand the tone of a message.

Typically they, or at least the ones here, consist of a forward slash (/) followed by a short abbreviation. The most popular are /s for sarcasm and /j for joking.

The List

/a - alterous, neither platonic nor romantic (rare) /ay - directed at you /c - copypasta, meme /cb - clickbait /dsmp - DreamSMP, as opposed to real life people* /f, /fake - fake /g, /gen - genuine, genuine question /genchamp - genuine, used comedically* /genq, /gq - genuine question /hj - half joking /hsrs - half serious /hyp - hyperbole /ij - inside joke /j - joking, joke /l, /ly, /lyr - lyrics /lh - lighthearted /li - literally, literal /lu - a little upset, slightly upset /m - metaphorically, metaphorical /nay - not directed at you /nbh - nobody here, not about anyone that would see this /nc, /neg - negative connotation /neu - neutral /nf - not forced, voluntary /nm - not mad, not upset, not actually mad /nsrs - not serious /nst - not subtweeting /nsx, /nx - non-sexual intent, non-sexual /ot - off-topic (rare) /p - platonic /pc, /pos - positive connotation /r - romantic /ref - reference /rh, /rt - rhetorical question /roleplay, /rp - roleplaying /s, /sarc - sarcasm, sarcastic /safe - safe to view, not triggering /sbh - somebody here, talking about somebody that would see this, opposite of /nbh /srs - serious /sx, /x - sexual intent, sexual /t - teasing /th - threat

*Only used in select communities, and may not denote tone in the typical sense

Some tone indicators can be made on the spot using real words, like /mad or /threat.

Content Warnings

//, cw, cw//, //cw - content warning tw, tw//, //tw - trigger warning nsfw, nsfw//, //nsfw - not safe for work, adult content, nudity, etc // _ neg - negative text about somebody, like a content creator