Twitter Slang List

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General Twitter Slang

acc - account alt - alternate account avi - avatar, profile picture bang, blow up, pop off - (of a tweet) to get a lot of interactions banger - a tweet that gets a lot of interactions byf - before you follow cbyf - read caard before you follow cc - a CuriousCat or message on it, OR content creator, OR comfort character, OR carbon copy: mentioning someone who you want to see your tweet deac - deactivated, account manually deleted discourse twitter - a Twitter environment full of debate and arguments dfi - don't follow if dm - direct message, a way of privately messaging dms open, open dms - user has opted into allowing anyone to direct message them dms closed, closed dms - user not allowed everyone to direct message them dn - display name dnf - do not follow dnfi - do not follow if dni - do not interact, do not follow/comment/message etc. if x drafts - tweets that weren't sent but saved by the user for later f4f - follow for follow, user will follow back if you follow fan acc - an account used to be a fan of someone or something fav, fave - favorite, now likes fb - follow back fleet - a disappearing story on Twitter, similar to Instagram stories follow goal, goal - an amount of followers one would like to have at some point gain account - an account that has posts containing follow-for-follow messages or shoutouts, such as "Follow me and everyone that retweets" gain list - a list in which people are added and others are encouraged to follow all members of gain post - a post which tells people to follow each other so that everyone benefits gc - group chat __gc - an acronym for the name of a group chat, with other letters in place of the underscores gdm - group direct message, a group chat gimmick account - an account with a theme, or gimmick ia - inactive, or instant accept ib, icb - profile icon by ic - profile icon ifb - I follow back, user will follow back if you follow layout - the theme and name of an account lrt - last retweet, used to tell you to refer to the last thing someone retweeted matching - having the same or similar profile pictures or layouts mbf - must be following notifs, notis - opted-in notifications that are sent when an account posts notification squad, noti gang - a group of users that opted in to receiving notifications for when an account posts oc - original content ooc - out of character, or out of context op - original poster, original post parody - an account pretending to be someone or something that it is not as a joke or character pfp - profile picture pqrt, priv qrt, private rt, private qrt - a quote tweet which you are unable to see because the poster's is set to private priv - private account usually used for more personal matters to private, privated - to set your account to private, so that only followers can see your tweets qt, qrt - quote tweet, or retweet with comment ratio'd, ratioed - to have a reply to your tweet get more likes ratio - (positive) to get more likes on a tweet than another, or (negative) to get more replies or quote tweets than likes reply guy - a person that replies to many posts, especially women's reply guying - to reply to many posts rl - real life rl acc - an account for your real life personality and real life things rt - retweet rted, rt'd, rtd - retweeted sb - soft block, blocking and unblocking to have someone unfollow you and to prevent direct messages spare x - asking for x amount of followers to reach a certain follower goal ss - screenshot subtweeting - tweeting about somebody without mentioning their name thread - a chain of tweet replies tl - timeline trends - hashtags or phrases that are being talked about, show up on trending tab Twitter guy - the unknown person that writes the descriptions for trends unf - unfollow unfollow spree - the act of unfollowing mass amounts of users in order to remove inactive accounts from their follower count untag - to remove from the list of people mentioned when replying vent, vent acc - an account used for complaining and personal issues your favorite is _ - an account that applies attributes to various things in their posts (e.g. your favorite is lesbian) @ - Twitter username, or handle @ing, @'d - to mention a Twitter username (@example) @ me next time - said when it is obvious someone is talking about them, usually sarcastic

General Stan Twitter Slang

anisd - anitwitter selfie day asf, af - as fuck an anti, antis - someone against something bestie - best friend, commonly used for non-best friends bias - favorite person or group bias game - a game in which contestants are not allowed to talk about their bias(es) (favorite people from a group) or interact with any tweets or media about them for a certain period of time bio chain - multiple accounts with consecutive lyrics in their bio bop - good song cancel culture - trend of boycotting people or things cancel - to boycott cancelled, canceled, over - boycotted carrd - a page on chile - child comfort character, cc - a character that someone likes and feels comforted by d word, d*e - die d worded - deactivated ebg, extreme bias game - a bias game that is played until there is only one person that hasn’t lost yet eye-, I- - speechless fancam - recording of a person performing fic - a fanfiction story flop - to get less interactions on a tweet than suspected fo, f/o - fiction other, a fictional character that one wants to date gbg, group bias game - a bias game but for an entire group instead of specific people going dark - turning your profile picture and header black in shame hc - headcanon, someone's personal interpretation of canon hunny - honey irl, irls - people in real life -isoverparty, over party - a celebration of something being canceled, sometimes as a joke keysmash - string of random letters keysmashing - typing keys at random kin - a character which one kins king - someone highly respected kinlist, kin list - a list of characters someone kins kinnie - someone that kins a character kinning - to believe you're similar to a character xx-line - a birth year which multiple people share (e.g. 02-line) liner - someone born in a certain year (e.g. '01 liner, 03-liner) liners, xx-liners - people with the same birth years (e.g. 93-liners) locals - people outside of the community moots, mutuals - users that you follow that follow you back multifandom - pertaining to more than one fandom mw, m/w - matching with a neutral, neutrals - someone with a neutral stance on something noomf - not one of my followers oomf - one of my followers, one of my friends, sometimes just "followers" or a sound similar to oof oomfie - a follower oomfies - followers oomirls - one of my in real life friends oop-, and I oop - caught off guard periodt - period, strong emphasis queen - an idol, someone looked up to regular - person that one likes from a group s worded, sus'd, sussed - suspended selca - a selfie selfie day, selca day - a hashtag for a certain community encouraging members to post selfies. (e.g., #dttwtselfieday, #anitwtselfieday) #selfiesfor- - a hashtag where fans of a certain thing post images of themselves selfship - a ship created by someone of themself and someone else selfshipping - someone shipping themself with someone else semi ult - semi-ultimate bias, a person that one likes a lot shade - trash talking ship - a real or fictional relationship between two people sis - sister skinny, skinny legend - glamorous and talented regardless of weight sksksk - a common laughing keysmash slay, go off, pop off - to do very well stan list - a list of people or groups someone stans stan - fan, originally stalker fan, obsessive fan stan acc - an account used for stanning stanakin - a Star Wars fan stanning - to be a fan of a person or group stew - opposite of tea stewen - old gossip or drama stream - listen to, watch szn - season, a period in time tanking - underperforming tea - gossip or drama touch grass, touch some grass - go outside tsd - Thai selca day ub, ult - ultimate bias, favorite person or group ubg, ultimate bias game - a bias game but only for your ultimate bias, or favorite person wbk - we been knew wig snatched, wig gone, wig flew - shocked yas - yes

K-pop Stan Slang

02z - 02 liners, born in 2002 ¹²⁷, small 127 - NCT 127 ⁷, small 7 - lucky number found throughout BTS, like 7 members, 7 years together, and the Map of the Soul: 7 album ARMY - fanbase for BTS, or a single fan of BTS, stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth armyweeb - a fan of BTS who likes anime bg - boy group, a K-pop group consisting of only men bp - BLACKPINK deobi - fanbase for The Boyz engene - a fan of ENHYPHEN engenes - fanbase for ENHYPHEN enha, en- - ENHYPHEN gg - girl group, a K-pop group consisting of only women jpop, j-pop - Japanese pop music kpop, k-pop - Korean pop music kpoppie - a fan of K-pop myday - a fan of Day6 NCTzen - a fan of NCT ptg - PENTAGON ratmy - (derogatory) a fan of BTS rv - Red Velvet skz - Stray Kids snsd - Girls' Generation STAY - fanbase for Stray Kids svt - Seventeen

Minecraft YouTubers Slang

Also see: /dsmp, /rp, mcyttwt, dsmptwt arg - alternate reality game beeduo - Tubbo and Ranboo c!- - referring to someone's played character instead of them cmc - CallMeCarson dnf - DreamNotFound, ship of GeorgeNotFound and Dream, or do not follow dreamgender - a xenogender with the attachment to Dream dsmp, DreamSMP - the Dream Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server that consists of various content creators dsmp!- - referring to someone's character on DreamSMP instead of them dsmp!dream - Dream's character on DreamSMP dsmp!tumblr - the Tumblr community focused on DreamSMP dteam - Dreamteam dttiktok - Dream Team TikTok filomcsd - Filipino Minecrafters Selca/Selfie Day Ghostbur - WilburSoot's ghost character on DreamSMP gnf - GeorgeNotFound gnfer - a fan of GeorgeNotFound inniter - a fan of TommyInnit lcvr - someone dedicated to hating on Dream, "lover" spelt without the e and with a c instead of an o loh - AustinShow's Love or Host gameshow pnsfw - problematic not safe for work, meaning minors involved manhunt!- - referring to someone's character on the Minecraft Manhunt series instead of them mcc - Minecraft Championship mcrp - Minecraft roleplay mcu - Minecraft Ultimate mcyt - Minecraft YouTubers tiredccs - YouTubers that play Minecraft Bed Wars sbi - sleepyboisinc (Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and Ph1lza) snf - SapNotFound, ship of GeorgeNotFound and SapNap sooterday - the first saturday of every month where WilburSoot fans post selfies of themselves

Content Warnings

//, cw, cw//, //cw - content warning tw, tw//, //tw - trigger warning nsfw, nsfw//, //nsfw - not safe for work, adult content, nudity, etc

Tone Indicators / Mood / Tone Tag List

/a - alterous (rare) /ay - directed at you /c - copypasta, meme /cb - clickbait /dsmp - DreamSMP /f, /fake - fake /g, /gen - genuine, genuine question /genq, /gq - genuine question /hj - half joking /hyp - hyperbole /ij - inside joke /j - joking, joke /l, /ly, /lyr - lyrics /lh - lighthearted /li - literally, literal /lu - a little upset, slightly upset /m - metaphorically, metaphorical /nay - not directed at you /nbh - nobody here, not about anybody that would see this /nc, /neg - negative connotation /neu - neutral /nm - not mad, not upset, not actually mad /nsrs - not serious /nst - not subtweeting /nsx, /nx - non-sexual intent, non-sexual /ot - off-topic (rare) /p - platonic /pc, /pos - positive connotation /r - romantic /ref - reference /rh, /rt - rhetorical question /roleplay, /rp - roleplaying /s, /sarc - sarcasm, sarcastic /safe - safe to view, not triggering /sbh - somebody here, talking about somebody that would see this, opposite of /nbh /srs - serious /sx, /x - sexual intent, sexual /t - teasing /th - threat

Potentially Triggering

ana - anorexia bonespo - inspiration to become as thin as to have your bones show cw - current weight fatspo - inspiration to gain weight gw - goal weight, a weight someone is trying to reach hw - highest weight, the highest recorded weight someone has had meanspo, meansp0 - mean inspiration, being rude on purpose to inspire someone to reach a goal proana - pro-anorexia sw - starting weight, the weight someone had before trying to change it sweetspo - sweet inspiration, inspiring through kindness thinspo, thinsp0 - thin inspiration, inspiration to become thinner ugw - ultimate goal weight, the ideal weight someone wants to be


emoji pronouns, emojiself pronouns - pronouns that use emojis (e.g. 🍄/🍄s/🍄self) exclus - not supportive of neopronouns, xenogenders, he/him lesbians, and other things of that nature hyperfixation - an intense focus on a certain thing (typically with ADHD or autism) hyperfixate, hyperfixating, hfx - to focus intensely on a certain thing inclus - supportive of neopronouns, xenogenders, he/him lesbians, and other things of that nature nd - neurodivergent, having a variation in the brain nb - non-binary, or non-black nt - neurotypical, having no atypical variations in the brain neopronoun, neoprn, neos - unofficial pronouns outside of the common set (e.g. xe/xem/xyr) xenogender - gender associated more to an object or concept (e.g. beegender) yt - white

Twitter Subtwt List (Communities)

-twt - short for Twitter, used to indicate a Twitter community subtwt, subtwitter - any community on Twitter 1dtwt - One Direction 404twt - GeorgeNotFound 5uptwt - 5up 616twitter - Marvel Cinematic Universe (referencing Earth 616) alliumtwt - TommyInnit and Ranboo andpeggytwt - Nihachu and Tubbo amigostwt, amigops - Corpse, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and DisguisedToast anarchytwt - 2b2t YouTubers anitwt, anitwitter, animetwt - anime anitwtph - anime in Philippines aottwt - Attack on Titan argtwt - Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), especially about Minecraft YouTubers armytwt - BTS asianmcyttwt - Asian fans of Minecraft YouTubers atlatwt - Avatar: The Last Airbender awesamtwt - Awesamdude ayuptwt - WilburSoot, Jack Manifold, and TommyInnit bakerytwt - Nihachu bandaidtwt - Shubble and WilburSoot bandoritwt - BanG Dream! / Bandori basstwt - TechnoBlade and Eret bathtwt - WilburSoot, KarlJacobs, and Quackity bbhtwt - BadBoyHalo bedtimetwt - Dreamteam and sleepyboisinc beetwt - Ranboo and Tubbo benchtwt, benchtriotwt - Ranboo, Tubbo, and TommyInnit bennetttwt - Bennett (Genshin Impact) berrytwt - Fruitberries Black Twitter, blacktwt - umbrella community comprised of Black users blackcorpsetwt - Black fans of Corpse Husband blackmcyttwt - Black fans of Minecraft YouTubers blocostwt - Minecraft (Brazilian) bltwt - Boy Love bllktwt - Blue Lock bnhatwt - Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) boffytwt - Boffy bootwt - Ranboo booktwt - books borealtwt - Technoblade, Ph1lza and Ranboo Brand Twitter - umbrella term for all corporate accounts breadtwt - BadBoyHalo and a6d bsdtwt - Bungou Stray Dogs buddytwt - Nihachu, Tubbo, Fundy, and Eret cadavertwt - Hispanic fans of Corpse Husband cartoontwt - cartoons cgptwt - CrankGameplays chaostwt - triotwt and dttwt cherrybombtwt - Fruitberries and HBomb classtwt - content creators as teachers and fans as students clikkietwt - Twenty One Pilots clingytwt - Tubbo and Tommyinnit cookieruntwt - Cookie Run coraltwt - Ph1lza, WilburSoot, and TommyInnit corpsetwt - Corpse Husband counciltwt - Slimecicle, Condifiction, GrizzlyPlays, Bizly, and Wheat cpktwt - SeaPeeKay crackertwt - KarlJacobs, SapNap, Punz, GeorgeNotFound crewtwt - Ex-Jschlatt fans that dissociated from him after the controversial video crimeboystwt - TommyInnit and WilburSoot csmtwt - Chainsaw Man cubifachatwt, cubifacha - Minecraft YouTubers (Spanish) cyberdogtwt - ReNDoG danmeitwt - Danmei dbtwt - Tubbo and Tommyinnit dcsttwt, drsttwt - Dr. Stone deotwt - TimeDeo deobitwt - The Boyz dnptwt - Dan and Phil dobtwt - Dylan O'Brien drtwt - Danganronpa draggietwt - DraggieBTW dsmp, dreamsmp, dreamsmptwt, dsmptwt - Dream's survival multiplayer Minecraft server dttwt, dteamtwt, dteam - Dreamteam, Dream (Dream, GeorgeNotFound, SapNap) duotwt - BadBoyHalo and Skeppy eboystwt - Eboys (YouTube channel) elatwt - ElainaExe eldertwt - 18+ fans of Minecraft YouTubers endersmiletwt - Dream and Ranboo epictwt, epicsmptwt - EpicSMP erettwt - Eret explaintwt - gimmick accounts that explain people's tweets fandertwt - Thomas Sanders feraltwt - Dreamteam, KarlJacobs, and Quackity fiancetwt - KarlJacobs and SapNap filmtwt - movies filomcyttwt - Filipino fans of Minecraft YouTubers f1nntwt - F1NN5TER foolishtwt - Foolish Gamers footballtwt - American football frattwt - KarlJacobs, SapNap, and Punz fttwt - Fairy Tail frostingtwt - Antfrost and VelvetIsCake fruitninjatwt - IlluminaHD and Fruitberries fundytwt - Fundy futuretwt - Future SMP gappletwt - TapL genshintwt - Genshin Impact gluetwt - BoomerNA goosetwt - KarlJacobs and Quackity griantwt - Grian happytwt - BadBoyHalo and Skeppy hermittwt, hermitcrafttwt - Hermitcraft hispanicmcyttwt - Hispanic fans of Minecraft YouTubers hometwt - Quackity, KarlJacobs, Ranboo, and SapNap homietwt - KarlJacobs and SapNap honeytwt - Tubbo honktwt - KarlJacobs honQtwt - KarlJacobs and Quackity hptwt - Harry Potter hqtwt - Haikyuu hxhtwt - Hunter × Hunter icytwt - Fundy and Ranboo idotstwt - iDots (Skeppy, Zelk, JustVurb, and F1NN5TER) imastwt - iDOLM@STER innittwt - TommyInnit jellietwt - GoodTimesWithScar jjktwt - Jujutsu Kaisen jollibeetwt, jollitwt - Sapnap, TapL, and Seapeekay jrwitwt - Just Roll With It knuckleheadtwt - HBomb knvghttwt - Knightmare kpoptwt - K-pop lapistwt - Ponk and Foolish Gamers lesbootwt - lesbian fans of Ranboo linutwt - Badlinu llamatwt - Ranboo and Awesamdude LLC Twitter - investors, realtors, and CEOs lvjytwt - Lovejoy manifoldtwt - Jack Manifold marktwt, markipliertwt - Markiplier masktwt - Dream and Corpse Husband mctwt - Minecraft mcctwt - Minecraft Championship mcsrtwt - Minecraft speedrunners mcyttwt, mcytwt, mcyters - Minecraft YouTubers mcytartisttwt - artistic fans of Minecraft YouTubers memorytwt - Ghostbur (WilburSoot), KarlJacobs, and Raboo mhatwt - My Hero Academia midastwt - TimeDeo and TommyInnit minxtwt - JustaMinx muffintwt - BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, and a6d mutetwt - MegaPVP mxmtwt - mxmtoon narutwt - Naruto natetwt - Nathan Smoke neiltwt - Neil Cicierega / Lemon Demon NFTwitter - non-fungible tokens nikitwt - Nihachu nsfw- - a not safe for work (18+) subcommunity of a community (e.g. nsfwmcyttwt) nsfwtwt - not safe for work things, 18+ nsfwdttwt - Dreamteam (Not Safe For Work) nsfwmctwt - Minecraft (18+) nsfwmcyttwt - Minecraft YouTubers (Not Safe For Work) nsfwyttwt, nsfwyt - YouTubers (18+) optwt - One Piece orphantwt - Technoblade and Skeppy pandatwt, pandastwt - SapNap pantstwt - ConnorEatsPants parktwt - TommyInnit, Tubbo, Jack Manifold, Cyberonix, and Badlinu patchestwt - Dream’s cat Patches patitotwt - Quackity (Spanish) peerpressuretwt - Technoblade and Ranboo pissertwt - BoomerNA pjsekaitwt - Project Sekai ponktwt - DropsByPonk poppytwt - sexualizing minor content creators pokitwt - Pokimane portertwt - Porter Robinson pptwt - Pummel Party pranktwt - Eret and Fundy pugtwt - JustVurb punztwt - Punz purpledtwt - Purpled quacktwt - Quackity raetwt - Valkyrae ramtwt - Jschlatt rivalstwt - Dream and Technoblade royaltwt, royalstwt - Eret and Technoblade russianmcyttwt - Russian fans of Minecraft YouTubers saikitwt - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. sbitwt - sleepyboisinc (Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and Ph1lza) saladtwt - Corpse Husband, KarlJacobs, Tina, and Brooke shubtwt - Shubble skeppytwt, skeptwt - Skeppy skztwt - Stray Kids slabtwt - EthosLab sleepytwt, sleepyboistwt - sleepyboisinc (Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and Ph1lza) smiletwt - Dream smoketwt - Colin Smoke and Nathan Smoke smokecitytwt, smoke city - Colin Smoke soottwt - WilburSoot sparkleztwt - CaptainSparklez spifeytwt - Spifey spntwt - Supernatural stantwt - stans staytwt - Stray Kids strawberrytwt - Tubbo, Nihachu, and Eret studytwt - studying superiortwt - Keralis sweatertwt - Jschlatt and WilburSoot sykktwt, syktwt - Sykkuno tbhktwt - Toilet-bound Hanako-kun technotwt - Technoblade tentwt - Tubbo, Nihachu, and Eret tgcftwt - Heaven's Official Blessing thefamilytwt - Tubbo, Ranboo, and CupToast thundertwt - Jack Manifold tiredtwt - Bed Wars YouTubers toasttwt - DisguisedToast totemtwt - Foolish Gamers tpntwt - The Promised Neverland transmcyttwt - transgender fans of Minecraft YouTubers treasuretwt - Ranboo and SapNap triotwt - BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, and a6d tubbotwt - Tubbo uatwt - Unus Annus uttwt - Undertale vstwt - ValleySMP vtubertwt - VTubers / Virtual YouTubers wholesamtwt - Awesamdude and Ponk woztwt - Scott The Woz yaoitwt - Yaoi yiptwt - Fundy edtwt, hardedtwt - eating disorders mcytedtwt - Minecraft YouTubers and eating disorders ricecaketwt, proanatwt, anatwt - anorexia miatwt - bulimia shtwt, s5twt - self-harm ouchietwt, barcodetwt, beanstwt, styrotwt, 112twt, catscratchtwt, sliceytwt, yeettwt, heinztwt, danishpastrytwt, 198twt, redbreadtwt, raspberryfillingtwt, redhoneytwt, scabtwt, tomatotwt, owietwt, styr0fo4mtwt, yeetwt, slicytwt, sofarmtwt, boxcuttertwt, goretwt, ouchtwt, bladetwt, slicetwt, catscratchestwt, t0m4t0twt - self-harm, cutting